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maddri899Art has started a donation pool!
1 / 1,200
:D so I can get a core membership
ill give personlised request to as many of you that donate as I can >.< and I mean what can you lose by helping me :D

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  • Anonymous Deviant
    Donated Aug 31, 2016, 4:22:06 AM
:P i dont pay for it cuz imma kid and dont have a credit card anywwwwwayyyysssssss
you can get commisions on there if u dont have points 
here it is (about is commisions for it <3)
  my website
ty for your time 


I forgot to post this I didn't ask the person I was talking to so I blocked out some things and there name and a little we where talking about I told (him/her) to try a painting website then they replied with the second one I Brock out laughing cx my spelling is key on a phone omg
-.- I got le noes idea
U know this was mer oc for my character but then idk. Well he was someone who loved cats and would kill everyone to save cats that kinda good oc stuff well ya...

:P i dont pay for it cuz imma kid and dont have a credit card anywwwwwayyyysssssss
you can get commisions on there if u dont have points 
here it is (about is commisions for it <3)
  my website
ty for your time 
Elwood -rip-
This is of my cat Elwood he died the 23th of September;-; and ;-;"" still can't get the on time
But these won't be coming out again tell the day of the death or when another animal dies ;-;
But feel free to donate to my little donate pool :) will really help a lot with the getting to be a core member
RIP Elwood -we'll miss you-
He was about 19 in human years or 20 we new this will come, but not this soon
Shin Shins Kids And Rosey
left 2 right: bob(green) rob(red head) sansmathah job(pink) cob(:3) bin(bird) rosey(blue) and fluff ball (roesys pet)
ego battalion
.-. this is what my life came 2 making a nother we will have a fumil of these :P lets go into  the storey
name:potential graphic seven dancer crisp
fam: shin shin lady girl, trump(?) hitler(!?) numbskull dumb mustache(mom)
bio: she gruel up ith hur fumuil mom doddud and her sosye sih  shin lady gurl after  they both dued thyw wont to thu orponahe nd deu buth got aedpoted  then shu   murrried a prunic su shu oun a cosal and had a pooty dotr named rosey on hur  7 boyday shu took heur dotr tu the north poll to piock out a wallris named fluff ball one of his favior activits is huvily breathing he Is u1 your old  da end
This is cuz my cat has died a few mounts ago ;~; I meant to do this sooner
                           Wiggly text - Welcome 
                :bademoticon:  I'm Maddri899Art :bademoticon: 
            here is my A (Alphabets) R (Alphabets) T (Alphabets) Attention orange
               I do TRY to post ones or twice 
 feel free to tell me what you think about my drawings 
        Heart Love and have a good dayAttention orange Heart Love 

I Done It... The Worst Thing On Devatinart
every good person needs a back storey! so lets start!
her name is shiny shiny lady girl,
fam: she lives with her husbon
back stori: shw liveedd in the usaaaaaa win she was 5 then her mom dead foum aids ;3 then hur daadddy got really mad and started 2 drink then ber dad killed himslef then she got sent 3 in orpanig (orphanage) so then she was like a cutepuppy everyone wonted her then she got addpoied theb by datime sh e was 15 sge found heu tur love anthine  they got marriec; after  coolage shiny shin lady girl  became a fashon mooldle and thenn  she had babbiez her 4 kidz naumed bob rom cob and job (man these are good names) then she wint baok 2 fashin modlinging  for 5 years retierd with her husbon (forgot name I cant find in this bad spelling we call him kim now) kim they had more 2 more kobss not named then she died win she wus 10000000000 da endddd

this  stores are made with a lot of spelling errors <333 so I did just dat
ppl die yes
bad spelling yes
bad name yes
nothing good and in-depth about shiny shiny
stuff that didn't make scene
bad tags #yes


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United States
I joined so i can inprove skills and see if you guys .-. (so many of u ik XD) help me and point the stuff out


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LazverTH-Infernoclan Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for the watch xD
maddri899Art Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD yw I was trying to make a drawing of all my watchers but that backfired on me ;-; berry sad and I can't draw sonic to save
My life

-sorry I am type if this on a phone
maddri899Art Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i just wanna say something (mushy) ty all of my watchers you means the world of da 2 me one day... i will have a army of you and we shale take over gaster galaxy (XD) and then feast uppon the .... (dun dun dun) sugercookies!!!!! 
Shinkomi Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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for? I have done many things XDFlowey -- Derp or be derped 
You're Welcome Speech Bubble 1 - Beemote You're Welcome Speech Bubble 2 - Beemote 
Amazing (Words) 
Shinkomi Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
For the point bro  XDDD
ShadowKitty99 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 20, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Welcome to DA! :)
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